Professional Escorts Seen as Emotional Shock Absorbers

One of the important distinguishing characteristics of professional escorts in Frankfurt is their ability to use their interpersonal relationship skills to help soothe a tired and broken soul. Any serious escort Munich lady can tell you that emotional support is something that they provide to each and every individual client that they meet. This is in stark contrast to the sexually-oriented nature of clients seeking the services of call girls and prostitutes.
Pundits in the professional escorting business believe that genuine professional escorts can act more than merely service providers. A great majority of these professional escorts are the friend, the counselor, and the emotional shock absorber of many clients.

It is no secret that some clients seek professional escort services not really to have sex with a truly amazing lady but rather to fill the void in a social relationship. Many clients are married and while the marriage has not yet ended in divorce there clearly is something lacking. Sometimes, an over-nagging wife or an over-zealous partner can literally break some men into searching for someone to turn to and just let it all out.

While psychologists and marriage counselors will say that men who have these problems can verbalize their concerns with their friends, sometimes the need to maintain a certain form of dignity can make man to let out his feelings on a total stranger. For them, it is a lot better to convey all your thoughts and your feelings to an escort Munich lady rather than to a friend or an officemate. Because the professional escort is a stranger and is bound by the privacy rules of the escorting agreement, clients feel a lot safer opening up to professional escorts in Munich. Friends or officemates do have the tendency to spill the beans when push comes to shove. In some cases, the disclosure can sometimes be turned as a bargaining chip in some form of blackmail.

Rather than risk it, some clients fell much better disclosing everything to a professional escort. All they need is someone who will listen to them. Give them a pat on the back. Hug them. Plant little kisses on them while reassuring them that everything will be alright. They don’t need the sex in these cases. They only want their egos nursed and cared for.


his is something that professional escorts really understand and are particularly good at. Professional escorts have to know how to numb their personal feelings so that they will be more effective in addressing the emotional and social needs of their clients. Just imagine if you were the professional escort and you have a regular client who cries to you how unfair life is for him, chances are, you will feel as miserable as him after several meetings. This is why professional escorts must be able to maintain a professional distance from their clients without ever showing their clients that they do not care.

An escort Munich lady or any professional escort do care. However, they have to control their emotions as well in order to absorb all of the emotional energies of their clients. This way, they can help their clients learn to turn the negative emotional energy into more constructive uses.

This is how professional escorts become true emotional shock absorbers for clients.